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Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet
Define & Embrace Your Heart's Beacon
About Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet
The daily life you dream of is waiting to become your reality. It begins with taking a deep dive into your desires.

We often neglect the deep-seated needs of our souls because what we want doesn't seem logical or practical. We're told that achieving big dreams honestly isn't for “people like us."

We insist that we are too busy to make goals. We downplay our desires. The things we want and the way we long to feel seem so small and ordinary, that we them away it away because they're not big enough.

So, our desires lay fallow in our hearts and continue to be secretly pushed into the back of our minds when they surface.

Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet: Define & Embrace Your Heart's Beacon will help you choose yourself and your desires because, darling, the time to do so is now.

In Part One, we'll take stock of 2015, both the accomplishments and what's in the way.

In Part Two, we'll dive into your desires. Isn't it time to hear the voice of your heart? Isn't it time to following the yearnings of your soul?

In Part Three, you will commit to defining What's Next for your life as you breathe live into your desires.

Part Four is a BONUS. Instead of making resolutions, you'll choose a WORD (or three) to serve as your Focus - you will define and embrace a Beacon to help light the way for your heart's desires.

Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet: Define & Embrace Your Heart's Beacon will gently walk you through the process of awareness, choice, and taking action. Because, darling, you deserve to be happy. You deserve to create a life you love.

Choose to make 2016 Your Best Year Yet. And remember, if you continue to choose your heart’s desires, life can only continue to become better.


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