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Create a Year You Love: Choosing Your 2015 Touchstones
About Choosing Your 2015 Touchstones: 
In Part One, we'll walk through a series of questions designed to assist you in reflecting on 2014 - and closing it out.

Stepping into awareness of where you've been, what you've accomplished, and what makes you feel alive will allow you to celebrate your accomplishments and figure out what isn't working.

You'll also dive into what you crave in your life and ponder your dreams.

In Part Two, you will dive into your dreams as you begin to ponder what you really desire to be born into your life in 2015.

In Part Three, I'll share an exercise to help you choose your "Word of the Year" for 2015. I'm sharing more than 1000 potential words to help guide you.

In Part Four, you'll get crystal clear - and choose one, two or three words to serve as your "touchstones" for 2015.

Create a Year You Love: Choosing Your 2015 Touchstones will guide you to bringing your dreams into your reality.
Darling, it’s time to take that first (courageous) baby steps towards what your soul desires.

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